It was in 1977 at the height of the counter culture and the magnetic pull of the hippie trail to the East, that my partner Michael and I arrived in Kathmandu.

I was 22 years old and four months pregnant, and I brought with me my Nikon camera, and equipment to set up a darkroom. I thought perhaps I could become a photojournalist.
It wasn’t long before I became immersed in the incredible warmth of the Nepali people and their willingness to adapt and engage with Westerners. In the Kathmandu valley I found mutual tolerance and a fusion of ancient Hindu and Buddhist cultures, a fusion that came about in antiquity because of the merging of ancient trade routes.
I roamed the markets, temples and bazaars looking for suitable subjects. Then shortly before my daughter was born I was introduced to some wonderful Tibetan lamas and took refuge as a Buddhist.
And I had my camera…

This book is a photo essay, a brief glimpse of what it was like in the Kathmandu valley in the late 70’s, and the story of my time, and some of the extraordinary people I met there.